Regular Line Slovakia - Austria

Neighborhood Playgrounds

Multimedia space for contemporary culture Nástupište 1-12, HolzHaus Verein, bb15 – Space for contemporary arts and Dokapi Collective cordially invite you to join Neighborhood Playgrounds

...a square open platform created to embrace physical proximities in between collaborating art spaces and neighboring countries of Slovakia and Austria and bringing a playful structure where international artists and public can interact, socialize and explore in a certain scene, spontaneously, generating connections like kids do, recalling joy and fun for making new friends whom to play with.

Following artists from both countries accepted the challenge to play together:

Juraj Toman
Juraj Florek
Zuzana Žabková
Jakub Pišek


Michael Schweiger
Claudia Czimek
Edgar Friedl
Elio Seidl
Solaja Rechlin

Come and join us at Thursday, June 12th at 19:00 at Dokapi ÖH Café for a kick-off event with talks, performances and live music to learn more about the project.

Neighborhood Playgrounds is a result of the crossboarder cooperation project Regular Line Slovakia – Austria run by slovak art organization Nastupiste 1-12 and austrian art group HolzHaus Verein. The project is supported by Ministry of culture of Slovak Republic.

Concept co-creators:
Dokapi Collective, Linz AT

Bb15 Space for Contemporary Arts, Linz AT
Dokapi ÖH Café, Kunst Universität Linz

Media partners:
Radio FM, SVK

About the Regular Line

 Regular Line is a collaboration run by the Slovak Art organization Nastupiste 1-12. It is a residency and exhibition program for Slovak artists to work in situ and collaborate with local artists in foreign countries and vice versa.

​First Regular Lines was the Sheffield (UK) - Topolcany (Slovakia) cooperation with the British art organization Bloc Projects in 2013. The project included a residency and collective exhibition of group of Slovak artists in UK as well as residency and exhibition of group of British artists in Slovakia.

Based on a success of the cooperation with the British partners, Nastupiste 1-12 adapted the project to include additional locations in year 2014. Besides the 2nd Regular Lines Sheffield – Topolcany and the first Regular Lines Linz – Topolcany projects, the organization has developed the project in Santa Cruz, California.

Background: Nastupiste 1-12 runs a multimedia space for contemporary art and culture in the underpass beneath the bus and train stations of Topolcany, Slovakia, Europe. This unusual, urban gallery space lets great artists create and display artwork that is site-specific, and sustains dialogs between artists and non-traditional gallery viewers.