Dear friends! 
We are pleased to invite you to attend the "REGULAR LINE EXHIBITION OPENING " that will be held at
The Laundry , 3359 26th St, San Francisco
Opening May 12, 2017 @ 6pm

Exhibited artists:
Michaela Bednarova 
Maria Corejova
Svetlana Fialova
Ondrej Job 
Andrej Kolencik

About Regular Line Exhibition
International collaborative program presented by The Laundry SF and curated by Zuzana Godálová from Platform 1-12, Topoľčany. 
Five Slovak selected artists and designers will spend few weeks in USA and the result of their artwork is presented at the exhibition. All works are site specific reacting to new environment and experiences from narrative drawings, films, animation, contemporary design and font design.
Exhibition May 13 - May 30, 2017

About Regular Line Programme
Regular Line (RL) is an international programme for Slovak artists to present their work and collaborate with local artists abroad (Europe, USA). It’s run by the Slovak Art organization Platform 1-12 (Nastupiste 1-12). Platform 1-12 runs a multimedia space for contemporary art and culture in the underpass beneath the bus station of Topolcany, Slovakia. This unusual, urban gallery space offers to create and exhibit site-specific artworks and sustains dialogue between artists and non-traditional gallery viewers.

The Financial Supported by Slovak Arts Council 

Additional programme
Workshops and presentations

May 6, 2017
Presentation  @ 6pm
Regular Line project and introducing the artists Zuzana Godalova /30min/
Workshop @ 6.30pm
"How to transfer Slovak folk themes into contemporary design¨ / Bednárová & Jób/ 60min/.
The participants will be able to design postcards using the Slovak folk theme, taste a Slovak drink and listen to traditional music.

May 7, 2017

Workshop @ 6pm
“Collaborative drawings“ /Čorejová, Fialová/ 90min/
Various fragments and cuts of art works, drawings, photos to be repainted by the participants with a new narrative. The new context will be repainted on a larger format, accompanied by Svetlana Fialova and Maria Čorejová who specialize in drawings.
Screening @ 8pm
Andrej Kolenćík will present the best of Slovak animations and short films /45min/

May 8, 2017
Animation workshop @6pm
Andrej Kolencik, a filmmaker who will introduce the animation tricks and techniques.
Andrej and the participants will create a short animation /90min/
Screening @ 8pm
“The best of Andrej Kolencik¨

Pre-exhibition event in NYC

APRIL 29 2017
V&M rooftop, greenwich street , New York @6pm -9pm
Presentation of Regular Line project  by Zuzana Godalova and introducing the artists Michaela Bednárová, Mária Čorejová, Svetlana Fialová, Ondrej Jób, Andrej Kolenčík